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Hosting Costs

Hosting is what puts your website on the Internet. Your computer is connected to the internet, but you want to use a computer that IS the internet. Only you, hackers and people looking over your shoulder can see what's on your computer. But anybody in the world with a computer connected to the Internet can see your website on an Internet computer.

To get your website onto the Internet, your webmaster moves it from his computer to the Internet computer (That process is called "FTP".). Therefore, the Internet computer is the computer that "hosts" your website. When you pay hosting costs, that is rent you're paying to use someone else's computer (the Internet computer) to display your website to the world.

There are three types of hosting costs: free, free, and not-so-free. Actually, they are called Advertising Hosting, Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. Just remember, "free" hosting is not without cost. It costs somebody something, even if you are not the one paying for it.

Advertising Hosting

Let's get rid of Advertising hosting first. If you write your own website and host it for "free" on a publicly provided host, that hosting company usually reserves the right to advertise on your website. They have to make money, you see, otherwise they couldn't give it to you for "free." However, that's not why I'm writing this page.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting is belongs to you... or the person who set it up. Dimen Hosting always gives you ownership of your website. You have an account, you have dedicated hosting, and it all belongs to you. If your webmaster disappears, all you have to do is either used the reference sheet provided by Dimen Hosting or call Dimen Hosting (480-624-2500), identify yourself, and they will give you access to your own website and help you gain control over it.

This is the safest kind of hosting you can have, as long as the webmaster identifies you as the owner. If you have doubts who owns your website, click on WHOIS and see.

Shared Hosting

If you have three or more websites, then shared hosting is the way to go because it is cheaper for three or more websites.

But... and here is the kicker... you're in extreme danger if your webmaster uses Shared Hosting for your website on his own account.

Shared Hosting allows a webmaster to put many websites onto his own hosting account and he pays the hosting.

As an example, let's pretend that Dedicated Hosting costs $5 per month and Shared Hosting costs $14 per month. On Dedicated Hosting you can host only one website. On Shared Hosting you can host something like 100 websites.

So let's say your webmaster uses shared hosting, his own property. He pays $14 per month, and he has 20 clients he puts there and charges them $5 a month. Thus he pays $14 and earns $100 every month. Nice profit for him and you don't know the difference.

sick man in hospital bed The Problem Is... when your webmaster disappears, your control over your website disappears too, because he owns the hosting. If he dies, retires, gets angry at you, gets lazy, has a stroke, goes on vacation, or better yet, if he's walking down the road, accidentally kicks a rock that hits a cat that runs in front of a car that swerves and hits a light post that falls, striking him on the head, causing him to be in a coma for 3 years and 17 days, then you have a problem. You lost your website.

Problem 2... nobody can update your website except your current webmaster. If you want to change webmasters, then your new webmaster has to change computers and ask the current webmaster to help him make the move, which could be difficult or nasty, depending on the attitude of your current webmaster.

Some webmasters uses shared hosting and neglect to charge a cient for hosting. That is called "free." It's free to you, but not to him. He has to pay for it himself.

On Shared Hosting, even if your webmaster provides "free" hosting, once he's gone, so is your website.




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