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Let's Meet

Let's Meet! Yeaaa!  Let's Not!

Although I'm a believer in the imporance of networking – and every entrepreneur should be a networker – you don't have to live near your webmaster in order to get a good website.

I don't remember any website I did that required a face-to-face meeting, although I've had many. They can almost always be done by email and telephone. That's a great relief to you and me. It saves us both time by removing an unnecessary action and distraction.

You can have an excellent website regardless of where you live – near your webmaster or not.

We can start right now! Email me and let's get the ball rolling!

But... if you feel a face-to-face meeting is absolutely essential, here's my picture.

Jerry Brown suit shot

Just kidding! Give me a call and we'll chat or make an appointment.



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