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The first question people usually ask me is “How much does it cost to get a website?” That's like asking, “How much will it cost to buy a car?” It really depends on the type of car you want – or what website you want – and who you buy it from.

Tip: In addition to the one-time cost of building a website, owning a website incurs two annual costs: (1) A domain name, which is somewhere around $11 a year, and (2) Hosting, which probably will be about $88 a year ($6.99 per month).

With absolutely no information on which to base a fair estimate of what building your website would cost, I can only say that an average website from Dimen Web Design and Hosting costs around $1,200.

For those of you only scanning this page: the average cost is $1,200.

Non-profit organizations get a healthy discount.

Don't be concerned about the cost. I'm easy to work with and for those on a tight budget, we can make a reasonable payment plan that should fit your budget.

That's the average; it could go up or down. For non-profit organizations, it will go down. For a simple website, it could go down.

It depends on how many pages you want, how much photo-manipulation I need to do, whether I need to hire a graphics artist, how much data input it takes, and how much creative composition I need to do.

Tip: The home page is the most difficult to build; it defines the structure for the rest of the website. It's easier to add pages. Adding just one more page probably will just slightly increase the overall price. But if you have nothing more than a home page, that may only move the price downward a little bit.

The way to keep a low website cost is to have a clear idea of what you want the end product to look like.

  1. What do you want on the home page? How many pictures and where should they be placed. Do you have the pictures ready to go? What color(s) do you want to emphasize? Do you have a logo? What is the exact wording you want on the page?
  2. How many pages do you want? What are their names? (e.g. Testimonials, Contact Us, About Us, Order Page)
  3. Exactly what do you want said on each page? Can you type it and send it to me by email?

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