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Research Your Domain Name

Want a domain name but don't know if your first choice is already taken? Find out here! Research your domain name here and grab it if you can! Just click on...



There are over a billion websites on the internet, and most desirable or common names are already taken. You may find a suitable name by changing the extension (from .com to .biz, etc.) or by modifying the name (from NAME.com to MYNAME.com). If you sell supplies for pet dogs and want the domain name myfriend.com but that's already taken, you may want to try mybestfriend.com, or myfriend.biz.

Domain names are relative cheap and are sold by the year, but the price varies depending on the extension. For example: ___.COM may cost $10.17 because it has a .com extension. But ___.BIZ may cost $13.17 and ___.CA may cost $15.17.

You may find a list of available domain extensions and their related costs by clicking here.

Names cost something like $9.99, always ending in 99¢, but when you add the 18¢ ICANN federal tax [a.k.a."fee"] it comes to $10.17



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